My name is actually spelt Jessica, but I prefer to be called Jess.

And you’re probably thinking why my website name is Jescka.com. Well… to be totally honest with you, Jessica.com and Jess.com were both taken. I took a play on words and I came up with many different words for a website name and whittled it down to a select few choices, and went ahead with Jescka.com. To my amazement (no really, I was amazed!) it was available so I purchased it straight away. Obviously not thinking about what I wanted to do with the site, I left it bare and empty until today.

I’ve read many, many blogs, and each are unique in their own way. But for me, I created this blog to convey my ideas, my thoughts and my journey to entrepreneurship. I don’t know what will come out of this, but I hope to share my journey with you and hope that you can take away some of my learning and experiences to make yours even better.

On that note, I intend to stick to 3 core values when writing blogs for this site…

  1. Keep my blog posts short, concise and to the point – I don’t know alot of people who has the time (and the attention span) to read extremely long blog posts. I personally get bored about 3-5 paragraphs in (I know, I know… I have a short attention span but at least I’m admitting it) and I don’t like to waffle on. So, I’m pretty much trying to save you time if and when you read my posts 🙂
  2. Aim to share my learnings and experiences with you – I’ve noticed quite recently that I have quite a few people asking me for help or advice. For instance, last Thursday my brother called me up for some relationship advice, and whilst on the phone to him for 45 minutes, my sister rang me too asking for career advice.
  3. Aim to get you thinking after you’ve read my post – I’ve read quite a few blogs where it really got me thinking more creativity and reflecting on how I can continue to develop myself personally. And I hope I can do the same for you too.