…Because I purchased this domain name back in February 2016 without having a clue what I wanted to do with it. It’s been sitting here quietly waiting for me to come up with amazing content to post, only to make excuses for myself that…

‘I’m not a good writer’

‘I’ve never started a blog before, why would anyone want to read it?’

‘I lead a pretty average lifestyle. I don’t have anything exciting to write about, let alone for people to read!’.

So I just tossed it aside (along with the many other things I’d started due to the excitement of it but then got bored with) hoping that I will one day get my ‘creative spark’ back and pick up where I left off.


To many people, it’s daunting starting something new. It’s bloody damn hard because you’re literally being thrown out of your “warm and cozy” comfort zone. But, for as long as I can remember I’ve always challenged myself to leave my comfortable surroundings, and of the many times that I did, I felt great! I felt more creative, spontaneous and more full of life. And that is pretty much how I felt when I purchased this domain name back in February. I thought to myself “Right, If I spend some money to buy this domain name, I will have no choice but to start blogging.”

But then I became fixated on publishing the “perfect” first blog. I spent many hours reading other people’s blogs, hoping to gain some inspiration – only to feel that I honestly can’t compare to their styles of writing and eventually felt my courage slip away. And it’s because of my fixation of perfectionism that I left it until now. Today, I decided to just type away on my Macbook and get my first post out there.

At least I can sleep better tonight knowing that I accomplished a small goal that I created a few months back. I don’t know what I’m going to post next. I just know that I’m going to let my creativity drive this process rather than letting the voice inside my head override it.